WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

A new sprout flourishes next to a section of a burned pine tree.  This sign of new life was found two weeks after a massive forest fire destroyed the area.

Lincoln National Forest
Angus, New Mexico

WordPress Weekly Challenge: “Growth”
Posted 03 August 2012


  1. Good choice. I like this type of photo, plants growing in spite of disastrous fire, drought, etc.


  2. Do you guys get to pick Morel mushrooms after winter also? They usually grow after a fire also. Great idea!


  3. When I was little we lived on the edge of town and there used to be controlled burns in the woods behind our house — I was always amazed at how it could go from a blanket of black to a bright buzzing green in a matter of days!


    1. Yes… it is amazing to see the green sprouting to life so soon. The full replenishment of a scorched forest of course will take longer than our lifetime or even our children’s lifetime… but the earth renews itself in a wonderous way.


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