“The one who sees… 20 years experience…”

A self-proclaimed psychic speaks with her street-side client along Fourth Avenue in Tucson, Arizona.


  1. I’m not so sure about psychics, but that is a very attractive outfit she is wearing. Do you know where she is from?


    1. I agree with you about psychics. This photograph was from my archives and is several years old. Her name was Ashira Pace and she passed away here in Tucson a couple of years ago. Although she was American born (Cleveland) her ancestry was from Kenya and Ghana. Because she had travelled to both of those countries… it is probable that her African dress came from one of those trips.


  2. Beautiful! Love the Bright Orange! I wish I could wear bright colours, red makes me look like my blood pressure is going to blow, yellow and orange make me look Jaundice! Brown, washed out, white – a ghost!! LOL…. but blue goes with my eyes! 🙂


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