“Waiting For Mom”


Fawn Hiding In Thicket

Ruidoso, New Mexico


    1. This is a very common sight around my daughter’s house in Ruidoso. Countless deer come down from the forest and mountains into town every day looking for food and water.

      I saw this scene developing from the kitchen window. The mom left her fawn in the tall grass and was about 100 feet away grazing… and she was facing the opposite direction.

      I approached the fawn very slowly and quietly… and would shoot a few as I approached knowing I was pushing my luck. I managed to get within 10 feet of the fawn… and although it knew I was there it didn’t move.

      After I took the above shot I tried to take a slow step to the right to get a more forward angle. I snapped a twig with my shoe… and that was the end of it.

      The fawn bolted with a frightened screech (I had never heard that sound from a deer)… and began running towards the thicker woods. Mom heard the screech and she came bolting towards me. I made a quick retreat to the porch and the incident was over.

      I was close enough that I shot it with a zoom lens set at 44mm. This was definitely a lucky shot.

      Thanks for asking… I’m glad you liked the image…


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      1. A magical story, and something to remember it by. It’s such a treat when we can get up close.. I very recently took photos of a group of seven deers, unusual to see so many together here. But I was very far away and zoomed. Five minutes of hiding behind a hedge, and I was spotted.. you know that stare no doubt.. then off.


      2. Yep… welcome to the world of wildlife images. That’s why I don’t take many… I prefer my subjects to be inanimate objects… or at least a subject that will stand still if I ask them to! With your permission… I’ll email you a few other images of this encounter… plus a couple others showing how thick the deer are around my daughter’s place.


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