“It’s Been A Hard Night’s Day”

26G_12F17_Little Bear Fire_209_04F

Firefighters Express

Wildland Fire Crew

Returning To Base Camp

Little Bear Fire

Ruidoso, New Mexico

Submitted For Photo Friday

May 6, 2016:


  1. Fires, floods and earthquakes, it seems as though there is always some terrible disaster happening somewhere in the world. Right now we’re seeing on the UK news the huge fires in northern Alberta, Canada.


    1. You are exactly right… and when we look back through history it has always been that way since the beginning of humanity. The Little Bear Fire when I shot this image was a few years ago. It was devastating… over 400 homes destroyed. We are also watching the fire in Alberta. We haven’t had a destructive wildland fire here where I live for a number of years… but all that could change in an instant. I’m glad you commented… I appreciate your perspective.


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