“Please Help Me I’ve Fallen”


Fallen Orange Among The Clover

University of Arizona

Main Campus

Tucson, Arizona


  1. Wasn’t that line out of a song from the 60’s – ending in – ‘in love with you!’
    Love that splash of orange against the green πŸ™‚


    1. You’re right… I just changed the tense of a couple words.

      Please help me I’m falling in love with you
      Close the door to temptation, don’t let me walk through
      Turn away from me darling I’m begging you to
      Please help me I’m falling in love with you…

      It was released in 1960… recorded by Hank Locklin.


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      1. What can I say Vossie? The colors are only limited by our imagination. It’s a colorful world out there… and that is the way the vast majority of us see it. That is why I edit very few of my images to black and white. Black and white does have it’s place… I like b&w images… but only for special effect… because that is not how we view the world. We also do not view the world around us in vertical format… only horizontal format… but that is an issue for another time.

        I’m always appreciative of what you have to say…


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