“No Respecter of Persons”


Forest Inferno Spares Some…

…Others Not

Remnants of the Little Bear Fire

Ruidoso, New Mexico

Originally published as:

”Singular Selection”

25 June 2012

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    1. It’s a tragedy that you had to experience that. I’m very sorry. In the Little Bear Fire 224 homes were lost… and I keep thinking how cold and impersonal that statistic sounds. Because that means there were 254 individual tragedies… and the number of lives that were changed forever was many times over that number. I have walked among the ruins of homes from 3 Ruidoso fires… and the feeling I experienced was one I won’t forget… even though I have never experienced such devastation to my home. You have a very unique and valuable perspective… and I appreciate you commenting…


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    1. Carrizozo is a nice community… I’ve been there many times. I have a daughter and two grandsons that live in Ruidoso… which is why I spend a lot of time in that area. They evacuated to our home in Tucson during the Little Bear Fire… and I went with them when they returned home. Their home was out of danger but the fire was only about 20% contained… so I had plenty of time to explore and photograph. It was quite an experience.


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  1. Have a great weekend happy Memorial day, relax and enjoy yourself, have great weather there I hope!! ~Jackie


    1. Ruidoso has a photo-op waiting to be captured around every curve and over every hill. And there are enough hills and curves to keep any shutterbug very busy.

      Thanks for commenting…


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