1. There is a lot of awesome wall art around here. And it seems like the more that legitimate “street art” is allowed to be painted around… the less illegal tagging and graffiti we see. I enjoy getting up close to appreciate the colors…


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      1. Tagging and vandalism is a real problem around here… just as it is elsewhere. So there has been a lot of support and affirmative action to encourage street artists to paint legal walls and buildings here there and everywhere. My son James has done a lot of the painting and has some work still remaining a few places around town. But now his job doesn’t allow him to paint that much… besides he’s now into bicycle riding… I mean like hard core… 50-60 miles a shot! Back to street painting… the city commissioned artists to paint designs on the refuse cans on the streets… and he was busy with that at one time. The first art painted trash can to be stolen was one of his. And he still is so proud of that. Of all the painted trash cans his was the one good enough to be stolen. That’s his artistic claim to fame!

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      2. That’s pretty neat! I guess it has to do with how much money the city can pay for a commissioned painting…they have done that around here, well, a few, not many…. That’s funny about the trash can, ours (just an old plastic one) was stolen right outside our house on garbage day…with the garbage! lol…That’s neat that your family is artistic! I dreamed of being a hard core bicycle rider (until my injury) riding was my release! Now it’s on here, sitting on my butt and taking the occasional photo! lol…Cheers Galen! T.


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