“Show Me The Way To Go Home”

The Heritage Of A Family Name:
Watterson Expressway
Louisville, Kentucky

Named In Honor Of
Henry Watterson
Editor Of The Louisville Courier
During Reconstruction
Following The U S Civil War

Remembered As:
“The Reconstructed Rebel”

I always get a charge out of driving through
Louisville, Kentucky and see our family name
on a huge highway sign. With an uncommon last
name like Watterson you don’t see it or even
hear of it very often. Although connected only
by common ancestry… we share a common heritage
with all who wear our family name.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

“Awake My Soul… And With The Light”

Self Portrait
By James Watterson
In The Midst of
“Ocean Of Light: Submergence”
A Squidsoup Project

Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Art
Scottsdale, Arizona