“One More Bridge To Cross”

Bridge Over Cholla Patch Gulch
Garden Railroad Display
Tucson Garden Railway Society
Tucson, Arizona

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    1. This is part of a very large model railroading display which has been built in the front and side yard of a home in the area. The actual size is what is called “G Scale” which means 1.75 inches (45mm) between the rails. G Scale is very popular for outdoor displays because of its size and durability.

      Here are a couple other images of this particular display:




  1. Wow that’s impressive.
    There is a miniature railway near me set in a gorgeous garden with stream, pond and bridges. My husbands old company donated the land in perpetuity for the modellers who built it all. It’s a delight in the heart of an area with supermarkets and hospitals etc!


    1. Model railroading is not a hobby that I participate in myself… but I am fascinated by the displays both large and small. Each year the Tucson Garden Railway Society holds an “open house” of sorts and invites the public to visit about a dozen homes in the area where these outdoor displays have been built. The displays we have visited have been awesome!

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