“Shut Up Legs”


    1. This was taken near the finish line of a 106 mile cycling event (a rider can be seen on the left). And at that time your legs are screaming that they are tired and full of pain. That’s the time you tell your legs to “shut up” so you can finish the race.

      I really appreciate your comment.


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      1. now I get it – and I have used this kind of “time” in a recovery analogy once –
        I used to be a counselor
        and the analogy is to imagine finishing a race – with shut up legs perhaps – and then someone wants an interview –
        it is likely you need to heal and have days to recharge – and joy might not even be felt –
        and the application is that sometimes when life kicks our butt we can lose a lot of joy – but take heart – because once we rest up and regain strength – the joy is felt – or can be – the point is actually to raise awareness about how a life issue might have worn down – and how someone might need to say “it is okay, it is where I am – I need to say shut up legs and focus well – etc.”


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