“Seven Steps To Nowhere”


Remains of Front Steps

Officer’s Family Housing

Fort Stanton Military Garrison

Fort Stanton, New Mexico

Mary Richardson and Babies

Almost hidden behind a tree… this simple hand-made grave marker speaks to what must have been tragedy in the Richardson family.  Nothing is known about the person named on this stone… no dates… no records in the cemetary archives or county files.

Angus Cemetery
Angus,  New Mexico

Eddie Welch, Merchant Marine

A curious hand carved grave stone marks the place of interment of Eddie Welch,
who died of “accidental death” on January 15, 1931 according to cemetery and
county records.  No additional information is known.

Merchant Marines and Military Cemetary
Lincoln County, New Mexico


One is the lonliest number…

Eastlawn Cemetary
Tucson, Arizona

Resubmitted for Photo Friday
Friday, February 26, 2016