“In Celebration Of ‘Oops'”

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Selections From The Trash Bin
Never Delete Anything

FOCUS: Accidental Abstract

“Meanderthol Moments”

December 15 2021

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Detail… Restaurant Patio Railing… Foothills Mall… Tucson Arizona USA

Focus: Abstract Expressions


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Mineral Deposit… Tucson Arizona USA

“Ars Deformem”

Detail… Exterior Surface… Midtown Multi Service Center… City of Tucson Arizona USA

“Wanna Wanna Swirl Swirl”

White Petrolatum Swirl… Glass Plate Negative… Norm Shaver Studio… Lansing Michigan (1962)


Sculpture Detail

Tucson International Airport

Tucson Arizona USA

Original Art: “Desert Airscape” by Tim Diggles

First Published: 16 August 2018