“Humdrum Boojum”

Detail… Boojum Tree Skin… Reid Park… Tucson Arizona USA

“Catch ‘Em While You Can”

Butterfly Enclosure

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tucson Arizona USA

Project: Photographing The Photographer


Temporary Fix
Tucson Arizona USA

“Primary Dream”

Freakebana Op 21069

Freakebana: The off-the-wall cousin of “Ikebana” which is the Japanese art of flower arranging.

Freakebana is a love-hate relationship with this traditional Japanese art form that flirts with a naive and new wave naturalism.

In Freakebana the components are more likely to come from the deli counter or the produce section… the refrigerator or the waste bin… or your friendly local junk pile or dump.

Freakebana has been described as the new “ugly-cool” of minimal floral displays.