“Peek-A-Boo… I See You…”

“Say Again Sunday”… A repost of a “fav” from a number of years back.

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White tail deer among the brush… Ruidoso New Mexico

“North By Northwest”

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Detail… Bamboo fence… Reid Park… Tucson Arizona…


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Mineral Deposit… Tucson Arizona USA

“Drive-By At Day-Break”

Say Again Sunday: Repost of a “fave” from several years back.

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Project: “I Shot Myself”

“Brown Baggin’ It”

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Project: Freakebana Op 21296

Green and Purple Sweet Potato Vines… Hybrid Mini-Mums… Crumpled Brown Paper..

“Through Innocent Eyes”

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Young Girl Chalk Drawing On Sidewalk… Tucson Arizona USA

“For Once In A Life”

Project: Freakebana Op 21245

Double Delicotta Squash… Red Yucca Stem… Steel Chain