Caution: Life Guard Nappie Time

A merge of two opposing realities:  Safety… represented by the life guard station at pool-side… and danger… because the lifeguard is asleep.

Ott YMCA Pool
Tucson, Arizona

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: “Merge”
Published August 17, 2912


  1. my goodness! maybe her shift is over and she is tired? or maybe it hasn’t started and she is catching a little nap before the hoards arrive? at any rate, its a great subject for “Merge”


    1. It was early morning… the 5:00 AM lap swimmers were gone and the day swimmers had not arrived. This is not what she is supposed to be doing… but you cannot blame here really. Thanks for your comment.


    1. The pool was empty… as you can probably tell from the still water. It was a cool morning… the sun was just starting to peek over the mountains. She found her place in the sun and took advantage of it. Thanks for commenting…


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