By: Galen911

Sep 19 2012

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D70

Sabino Canyon
Tucson,  Arizona


8 comments on “Danger”

  1. A bit disturbing someone is risking to let children in there. But interesting name of the canyon – my real name is Sabina. 😀


    • No one knows for sure how the canyon got it’s name. Some think it was named after a rancher who lived there in the early days… Sabino Otero. Others think it has something to do with the Spanish word “sabino” which means red. Perhaps because of some red rocks or red colored wild horses in the area. But it is a neat name… and “Sabina” is a neat name too!


      • Thank you, interesting facts. I didn’t know sabino”” also means “red” in Spanish, the only Spanish word for this colour that I know is “rojo”, always nice to learn something new 🙂 . What I know for the origin of my name is it’s Latin. And the only Sabino I know is Italian, but I guess this Sabino Otero was of Spanish origin.


  2. I guess most people think that it could happen to everyone else.. I would not go in there, that’s for sure.


    • You are right… we don’t think too much about it. But before you enter the rangers give you a brochure telling you what to do if you should encounter a mountain lion. It makes for scary reading.


      • we have mountain lions on Vancouver Island.. they have attacked quite a few children, and killed deer in people’s back yards. they are the one animal that I am nervous of when we go for a walk in the woods because they are such stealth predators. it was only a week or so that a cougar grabbed a child by the head at a lake a couple of hours from here, but his father was able to beat it off..


  3. Those people look pretty casual for a danger area.


  4. We live in an area where these dangers are just a part of life… and we get to the point where we just don’t think that much about it. But we probably should.


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