Final Flight

The space shuttle Endeavor and it’s 747 mother-ship fly over Tucson this morning on the final leg of it’s journey to the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

Tucson,  Arizona


    1. It is definitely a very impressive sight… and one we will not see again. I wish the clouds and the sunlight would have cooperated better… but seeing it is still a memorable experience…


    1. Personally, I believe it should have been able to stay in Houston. I think Houston was the obvious choice for it’s final resting place. However… they did not ask my opinion…


    1. I saw Discovery lift off piggy-back from our local Air Force Base a number of years ago… watching that enormous bird lift above the trees was a moment not to be forgotten. And seeing Endeavor on it’s last flight brought most of our city to a stop as cameras snapped and videos ran and people watched in awe.


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