“A Life Of Its Own”


Jackson Pollock Wannabe

Tucson, Arizona

“I have no fear of making changes,
even destroying the image.
Because the painting
has a life of its own.”

–Jackson Pollock

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:

”Life Imitates Art”


  1. aj vosse says:

    I’m a massive JP fan and try my hand at drip art as well. Is that your piece? 😉


    1. Galen says:

      As you know… the enjoyment is in the painting process as much as appreciating the final painting. Yes… this is one of my earlier works… and one of my favorites. Thanks for your comment…

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      1. aj vosse says:

        I really enjoy that work… I feel I might just do a copycat… with your permission! 😉


      2. Galen says:

        That would be neat. I’ll email you with the techniques I used.

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      3. aj vosse says:

        Thanks… you’re so kind! I’m looking forward to see how you do it. Cheers,


  2. aj vosse says:

    Thanks a million for the instructions. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a detailed mail. I’m going to have fun!

    Here’s my interpretation of a cross between JP and Mondrian… https://ouchmybackhurts.wordpress.com/2015/12/20/the-artists-eye/


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