“Are You A Stranger… Or Am I?”

26G_13L18_0115_Olivia (3 of 100)

Stranger Number 3 of 100
Saguaro National Park East
Tucson Arizona

An Anthropology student at the University of Arizona, Olivia wants to travel extensively and her first goal is to spend time in Turkey.

100 Strangers Project

RNLI Crew at Weston-Super-Mare

Taking 100 photographs
of 100 people
I don’t know


  1. I love her boots! This must be typical attire in Tuscon?


    1. Galen says:

      Westrn style boots are very common around here. Some are very fancy… but most are considered “work boots” and really take a beating. But if they are good quality… they can last forever. Thank you for your comment.

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  2. Olvia, I thank you for the visit to ‘my mixed blog’. Best luck with your schooling and wishes for traveling to Turkey. We lived in Tucson back in the early 70’s, but I was a South Dakota kid and had to get back up north. The only good thing about it. no cockroaches! That’s what the pointy boots are for, getting the cockroaches in the corners.


    1. Galen911 says:

      I have not had any contact with Olivia since the day I shot the photos. I do not know if she is still here or has begun her travels. I came to Tucson from Michigan in the mid-70’s so it sounds like I arrived about the time you left. I love it here. And I am pleased to report that in the home we have lived in for the past 12 years… there are no cockroaches! An exterminator comes monthly to insure that it stays that way.

      Thanks for your comment…



      1. I would imagine that Tucson is booming like Phoenix. My wife’s folks moved out to Tucson in the early 50’s from Michigan. Their old house was infested with the roaches. I fought them all the time. We bought a trailer home, kept them out of there pretty well. I drove truck for Arizona Tank Lines when we lived there so I got to see a lot of the state, we would go clear up to Globe and the White Mountains even out to Lukeville, just about everywhere. Now that the old body is wore out, it would be a good place to live. But I think are moving days are over. You have a photographer’s dream living out there. Best wishes.


      2. Galen911 says:

        Thank you Leland…



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