“Has Anyone Seen Three?”


The Missing Three

543 N Fourth Avenue

Tucson, Arizona


    1. Thank you for your comment. I really like the Duotone theme because it allows me to present my photographs in almost a full-screen format… and it’s the images I want to feature above any narrative or description… which I try to keep to an absolute minimum. I appreciate your encouragement.



    1. I do not find the titles easy… in fact I will really labor over the title sometimes… unless it is pretty obvious. I studied under a photographer who said that a good photograph needed no explanation… but should speak for itself. I disagreed with him at the time… but over the years I have found him to be absolutely correct. So I try to have the title be the only hint of explanation… whether it is obvious… or whether it takes some thinking. Again… thank you so much for your comment.


      1. You’re welcome. I agree that some great shots require no words, as your “But the greatest of these” photo showcases. So hinting with just the title is genius. For instance, call me blind, but I didn’t notice a missing number here until I read the the title again 😄
        Either way though, your work is fantastic.


    1. Thank you. I try to put a considerable amount of thought into my titles… even though I might “borrow” a phrase or two from a song title… poem… or quotation. It’s nice to know that you notice them…


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