“I Got You Babe”


Maria And Friend

West Congress Street

Tucson, Arizona


  1. I went to the water front yesterday and wanted badly to take photo’s of some interesting looking people, I just couldn’t get up the nerve to ask them…..how do you break the ice??


    1. The situation surrounding this particular photograph was that my son and I were downtown on a “photo excursion” walking with our cameras when this young couple approached us and asked if we would take their picture. So this one was easy.

      You are certainly not alone in hesitating to ask someone if you can photograph them. If you are interested in street photography of people… I strongly recommend that you take a look at the “100 Strangers Project” on Flickr (http://flickr.com/groups/100strangers). There you will not only find photographs (and the stories behind them) of people whom the photographer has never met before… but also articles on how to take portraits of strangers… how to ask them… and how to overcome the fear of approaching them. The stories behind the photographs that members publish are extremely helpful.

      I only have a few photographs there… it’s something I wanted to do but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve been looking for someone to do it with me but that hasn’t happened either. Please take a look at the 100 Strangers site… I really think you’ll like it.


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    1. Thank you… I’m glad to hear that. I get very little response from Flikr. I get better response from 500px… but most of those contributors are way above me in talent and ability. But I’m glad you checked it out and thanks for letting me know.


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