“Whoa Dude… Your Frets Are Buzzing!”

26G_15C29_Joe Senior Pix_0115-04F

Grandson Joe And His Bass

El Presidio Park

Tucson, Arizona


    1. The reference in the title to buzzing frets has to do with the low frequency vibrations on the neck of the guitar caused by the movement of the large bass strings. “Your frets are buzzing” is a slang term (usually intended as uncomplimentary) thrown at the bass player by others in the band. But bass players are proud of it… because it makes them unique.

      Don’t feel bad about “getting old”. Goodness… my frets haven’t buzzed for a long time!

      I’m always glad when you stop by and take a peek at what I’ve published. Thanks for commenting…


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      1. I don’t have a musical note in my body! so it’s all new to me, my grade 4 teacher in choir told me I was just so full of enthusiasm when I sang….and to calm it down some! I never realized she meant ” to quit screaming at the top of my lungs!
        I love your photo’s, my camera is in the shop so I have spare time to see what different people are doing, it’s great and I’m glad you don’t mind my being noisy! you can just call me T.


      2. Sounds like an interesting story. I’m pleased that you like the images… and you have my permission to be as nosey or noisy or whatever. With your approval… I would like to email you a copy of my first complete photograph taken more years ago than I care to remember. Complete because it was the first time I had ever taken a photograph… developed the film… and printed and processed the final picture. Like your musical experience… this photo tells a story too!


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