“Not Amusing After Midnight”

By: Galen911

Mar 23 2016

Category: Human Nature


Kiddie Clown Toy


6 comments on ““Not Amusing After Midnight””

  1. Evil looking thing!


    • That was a perfectly entertaining looking baby toy for our youngest (who is now in his mid 30s!). My intention was for it to cast a shadow but it just didn’t look right… so I blackened the background. That was taken with a 4×5 view camera.

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  2. There is something sinister about after midnight… is this toy the forerunner to the transformers? 😉


    • You could be right. This was just a common ordinary toy that looked delightful in daylight. It’s interesting what an effect the lighting has on the subject.



  3. Not amusing even in daylight. I hate clowns!


    • As you know… you are not alone. But this was a very innocent looking toy in normal light. And it really wasn’t my original intent to make it look scary… I was just playing with my lighting. I appreciate your comment…


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