“Nothing Else Matters If We’re Not Right”


Naked And Gnarly

Ponderosa Pine Limb

Mt Lemmon Ski Valley

Tucson, Arizona


  1. Ladybuggz says:

    I love Tree’s, Ent’s( Lord of the rings) are my fav!


    1. Galen says:

      Trees are so neat. No two are the same… and I’m sure they all have unique stories. I think that gnarly limb was about 30 feet up in the tree. I shot it while riding a ski lift. It wasn’t ski season obviously but they keep the ski lift running all year for us “tourist” types.

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  2. Citse says:

    For a minute I thought it was deer antlers stuck in a tree.
    I’m really enjoying your photography and the stories behind them 🙂


    1. Galen says:

      I’m glad you are enjoying the images. Thanks for taking the time to comment…



  3. dunelight says:

    On first glance it looked like a tree cradling a tree baby…


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