“Devastation Awakens The Soul To Beauty”

Fire Damaged Landscape

Coronado National Forest

Tucson, Arizona

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15 comments on ““Devastation Awakens The Soul To Beauty””

  1. […] Galen911 “Devastation Awakens The Soul To Beauty” […]


  2. Galen, I’ve seen similar views in Yellowstone. The devastation makes way for new life and is a necessary part of that life, so it has its own beauty and rightness. Thanks for all your visits this morning, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



    • For a little while this morning I am trying to “catch up” on some posts from this last week that I had to just skim over earlier. I am always drawn to your contributions. My initial thought on titling this image was the idea that we need to be exposed to devastation in order to truly appreciate beauty… but you are so correct in that it can have its own beauty because of making way for new life. Thanks so much for your perspective and for commenting.

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  3. Very cool. It looks very ominous and yet rather peaceful.


    • This scene was at about 9,000 feet elevation and it was very quiet up there. There were no normal forest sounds of birds or the rustling of small animals. The surroundings were very peaceful… but at the same time something was missing. A cloud front moved in while I was there and filled the area with fog… and that made the experience even more… well… almost surreal. Thanks for your comment.

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  4. Fire damage is sad but sometimes they let you cut the wood. It has been many many years ago that I used to cut my own wood for my fireplace. I don’t have one now.


    • I’ve often wondered what happened to all the wood they clear during and after a fire. It would work for a fireplace I suppose after it dries… but wouldn’t the burned wood be messy to handle? Ahhhh… a fireplace… I remember having one as a kid. I loved it… except it was my job to clean out the ash. But I do miss having a fireplace.



  5. Love the stark, graphic mood you’ve captured.


  6. Natures Cleansing !


  7. Excellent photograph!


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