“Que Sera Sera”

Watermelon Sprout

Tucson, Arizona

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:



21 comments on ““Que Sera Sera””

  1. Great interpretation of future!


  2. Love your alien green creature.


  3. Amazing to think what that little sprout becomes! 🙂


    • This is true. Unfortunately the very day we were going to pick the watermelon for a family dinner a couple of neighborhood kids pulled it off the vine and scattered it in pieces for about a block. Hence the “Que Sera Sera”!!!


      • Little B******s!!


      • It was definitely disappointing. The plant had come up by itself in some rocks by the driveway… and the watermelon looked perfect. The whole family was eating at our house that Sunday and we let them all know we would be picking and enjoying “our” watermelon. Hmpph! Didn’t happen!!!

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  4. What a cool shot! I love all the little hairs.



  5. Aaaah brat… I was going to say I hope what will be will be good but then I noticed your comment about the little buggers! As we always used to say as youngsters… may their fingers turn to fish hooks and they develop an itch… OK, bluntish hooks! 😉


    • Excellent thinking! We went down the block cleaning up their mess… all the time harboring evil thoughts! I guess the silver lining to the incident is… well… it does make a good story.


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  6. Beautiful capture! What a clever take on. 🙂 🙂


  7. I read your sprout-to-melon story—all the more reason for the title. Glad your photo and post remain to commemorate that true-life wonder!


  8. Love this shot with all the fine detail. Looks like you can reach in and take it right off the screen. Even though it didn’t provide the result you were looking for it provided some beauty:)


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