“Trying To Make Sense Of It All”


Self Portrait With Painted Brick

Tucson, Arizona


  1. Yellow – feeling slightly sick, blue – it’s a cold night after coming out of the bar, red – the nose colour indicates alcohol level!


  2. You know… before clicking into your blog for a visit I thought of the three blue squares abstract and thought I have to get going on my version! I’ve just completed painting three 4″ by 4″ squares… one red, one blue and yes, you guessed… one yellow! They’re out drying now. Fun and thanks again for the ideas! 😉


    1. You can’t go wrong working with the primary colors. In my first color and design class we were only allowed to use the three colors of paint… red… blue… yellow… and any color we used had to be the result of mixing only those primary colors. We could use black to shade the color or white to tint it. That was a learning experience… but also lots of fun.

      Somewhere I think I have a photograph of a painting of mine (I think I gave the original painting away)… where I took the same size tile… broke it into about 8 or 9 pieces… then sanded down the edges so they fit together… yet didn’t fit together… and then painted each piece a different primary color. I mounted them together forming a diagonal square on a black textured background. It came out rather well. If I ever find the photo I will send it to you.



    1. Yep… these are my “scrounge” shoes which I only wear when I’m going to get them roughed up or spill something on them. Otherwise I always wear what we call “Arizona snow boots”… in other words… sandals. Thanks for commenting…


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