“Spring Is Busting Out All Over”


Mammillaria Guelzowiana

Robert Gülzow Cactus

(Named after the German

cactus collector

Robert Gülzow of Berlín)

From My Personal Cacti Collection

Tucson, Arizona


  1. I just love these! We see them quite a lot here in France, and I think I tried to grow some but they didn’t do very well. Great picture Galen, the colours came out brilliantly.


    1. Thank you Jude. Cactus (or is it cacti?) grows very easily out here in the southwest desert of the US… which is good. But not so good in that it is very hard to grow much anything else! I can grow cactus… but I have an awful time growing beans and corn and lettuce and peas and the list goes on. And I can’t eat cactus (well… I could… a lot of people do…).

      Glad you enjoyed the photograph…



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      1. We’re on a very dry hill with minimal soil. It grows wild orchids very well! We buy all our veggies and salad too! 😀


      2. Orchids growing wild must be a very attractive sight. The only place I can grow them is on the top shelf in the bathroom (high humidity) under a sky light. My attempt at a veggie garden consists of four 4foot by 2 foot stock tanks (watering tanks for a pasture) on the back patio with dirt coming to about 2 inches below the lip of the tank. The patio is covered with a canvas like canopy that filters the sunlight. I’ve had very limited success… but I keep trying.



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