“Hoping The Law Wasn’t Tailing His Shadow”


Riding The Rails

Eagle Mountain Model Railroad Display

Tucson Garden Railway Society

Tucson, Arizona


    1. This was an amazing display. Over 1500 feet of track with multiple trains running and it was all landscaped and covered with scale buildings and vehicles and most anything you could think of. There were… as I recall… 10 or 12 locations open to the public that weekend. We saw only two. You are right… it was neat!


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      1. That looks like neat place. I would especially enjoy the antique fire truck display. I have collected miniature die cast fire apparatus for quite a few years.

        We have a miniature museum here in Tucson called the mini-time-machine (http://www.theminitimemachine.org/). It’s quite a fun place.

        It’s always good to hear from you…


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