“A Time To Celebrate… A Time To Honor… A Time To Remember”


Memorial Day 2016

Military and Merchant Marine Cemetery

Fort Stanton, New Mexico


  1. Jude says:

    I love the simple wooden crosses. This picture took me straight back to a day when I stood in a military graveyard in northern France,with tears in my eyes. I walked along rows and rows of graves, and despaired at the wanton waste of so many ‘boys’ who never got to have a life.


    1. Galen911 says:

      That must have been a moving experience. This cemetery is fascinating as one walks among the wooden crosses and stars marked only by a brick like stone in the ground identified only with a number. There are some military headstones as well as regular markers that have been placed by families. One of the most poignant things here are the graves and headstones of five Germans from WWII which are placed way off along one fence a good several hundred feet away from any American graves. This cemetery is located way out “in the middle of nowhere” and few people even know it is there. It has fallen into disrepair due to government funding issues.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jude…



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