“Inexpressible Creed of the Desert”

By: Galen911

Jun 07 2016

Category: Land That I Love, Nature's Garden, Portrait of the Old Pueblo


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/125 sec
Camera:NIKON D200

Sonoran Desert Scrub

Rincon Mountains

Tucson, Arizona


8 comments on ““Inexpressible Creed of the Desert””

  1. Wow, we live many worlds apart (land wise!)…


    • That’s true… but I still find it absolutely amazing that the world seems to have become so much smaller with our means of communication nowadays… When I was a kid I had absolutely no idea that one day I would be communicating with people all over the world at the press of an “enter” button. Astounding!


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  2. Love this one Galen, especially the way the foreground is quite a lush green, and then that backdrop which is so pale, almost yellowish – like the colour of lichen.


    • Thanks Jude…

      The Sonoran Desert is unlike any other. It really can be quite green and colorful at times. I’ve been out here almost 40 years… and I never tire of standing in awe at the desert itself… the mountains… and those majestic giant saguaro cactus. It is truly a beautiful place.


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      • So many different types of beauty Galen. I once lived in British Columbia, Canada among mountains and rivers, another time in England in the fens which were endlessly flat – but the sunsets were magnificent. Now in rural France in hills and valleys and woods. All have an individual and special beauty.


      • I never tire of the mountains. We are surrounded by mountain ranges on all four sides… and the mountain clusters are all interestingly different in their shape and form. They are never the same to they eye. The sun and the clouds are always changing the light as it constantly dances through the peaks and valleys. And the sunrise over the eastern mountains and the sunset over the western range are breathtaking. I love it here!


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      • You could be a poet with your descriptions🏔🏔🌵🌵😊


      • Thank you Jude… you are very kind…


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