“Just Call Me The Breeze”

By: Galen911

Jun 13 2016

Category: I Wonder As I Wander


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/500 sec
Camera:NIKON D70

A Man And His Motorcycle

Mount Lemmon Highway

Tucson, Arizona


12 comments on ““Just Call Me The Breeze””

  1. A lovely contrast of red and black against the pale rock 🙂


  2. JJ Cale would approve


  3. we have a road king and “call me the breeze” is our favorite song!!! How wild is that…Bless you Jackie


  4. Great Photo! Are helmets not law in that State? I don’t know if I’d ride without one, you might trust yourself, but not the others on the road!
    ps.. I will post a few photo’s I took this weekend of the Steam machines that were all refurbished and used in the logging industry here on the Island, they were pretty neat…Hope you will like them! I’ll call it “Powered By Steam” so you can keep an eye for it! T.


    • In Arizona helmets are mandatory only for those under age 18. Adults can splatter their skulls all over the pavement legally. I glanced at your “Powered By Steam” last night… will look at it more closely this morning.


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