“Partners In Freedom”

By: Galen911

Jun 27 2016

Category: Portrait of the Old Pueblo, The Big Sky, View From Below, WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/500 sec
Camera:NIKON D70

A-10 Thunderbolt II Formation

Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Tucson, Arizona

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11 comments on ““Partners In Freedom””

  1. Great formation. Recently three old fat planes passed over,and I rushed to get my camera, and barely caught them as they disappeared into the haze. Unusable though.


    • There is a lot going on in the air around here. Both our commercial airport and the Air Force base are hubs for training for the A-10… F-16… EC-130… and others. Many other nations send their pilots here to train. Plus a number of air show teams train and practice in our skies. It seems like every day something fascinating can be seen overhead… but as you noted… ya gotta be quick to capture them with your camera.

      Thanks for stopping by…


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  2. Great formation flying photo ! And very apt for the partners theme 🙂


    • Thank you. I have always enjoyed watching the air force go through their paces. Most of the real action takes place on the military ranges between here and the west coast… and all that is out of sight. But they do quite a bit within view… and it is something to see…

      Thanks for commenting…


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  3. […] Galen911 “Partners In Freedom” […]


  4. If they were 3, it would be a kind of Amsterdan flag


  5. Good to see them still flying. I thought they were all scrapped! 😉


    • The preservation and maintaining of the A-10 fleet is a really really big deal around these parts. Our representative in Congress was the commander of an A-10 combat unit… and she isn’t about to let these warthogs die out. They still fly proudly and do their job effectively.

      Thanks Vossie for your comment…



  6. This is a very unusual photo – one to look back on a few years I expect


    • I really enjoy watching the A-10’s going through their paces. It is quite a common appearance around here. We also have a number of F-16 jets doing their thing… plus there are usually a few EC-135 Electronic Surveillance aircraft flying around. A lot of people don’t like the fly-overs… and yes… they can be noisy. But I enjoy seeing them sleek through the blue… and I like to get a good shot now and then…

      Thanks for your comment…


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