“Black Cosmos”


Original Art

Acrylic and India Ink

On White Glue Over Canvas

Size: 24” x 36”

Private Collection

Tucson, Arizona


    1. So glad you like it…

      Frankly… it is not one of my favorites. I think it looks too much like a crude oil spill on water. I didn’t expect the black India ink to run into the white glue (which turns transparent)… and I didn’t care for the result. But it is an interesting painting… and some people like it.


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      1. Tell you what! Your art inspires me… that is the simple truth! What I really enjoy is the fact that you let your creativity do the talking!
        I feel, lads of our age who grew up during a time when creativity was way down the priority list, have missed something of the joys of life… until we let our creativity out of the dark recesses of reality!!
        Keep doing what you do… I’ll keep being inspired and enjoying what you offer!!


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