“Craquelure In The Round”

By: Galen911

Jul 20 2016

Category: Visual Complexity


Peeling And Cracking Paint

Outdoor Table Top

Tucson, Arizona


8 comments on ““Craquelure In The Round””

  1. Hi G – this reminded me of a dried up slide from bio class – but I can see the paint-
    Very cool -wait – make that very dry…….

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    • Hey there Yvette! There had been some kind of a round container… maybe even a paint can… sitting on the table for obviously a very long time. I was fascinated by the round pattern in the cracking paint. Somehow I remembered the word “craquelure” from my art studies and decided to use it… only because I figured it sounded impressive. It reminds me of what the Arizona sun does to paint… your car finish… even your skin. But I still love it out here… cracking paint and all!


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      • That craquelure word is impressive and must be French! Thanks for the new word either way!
        And the Florida sun does this to cars too-
        I do like the circle even more after reading your reply – and just s a cool shot….


      • You’re correct… it is French… and basically means the fine cracks or crackles on the surface of an old painting. But I bet you already knew that! Sometime remind me to tell you about my van… which I dearly love… which I’ve had for 12 years and put 220,000 miles on it. The finish is gone… thanks to the Arizona sun… not cracked or peeling… just gone. Anyway… thanks mucho for your comment… it’s always good to hear from you…


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      • Thanks for the reply – and I was actually smiling when I saw your post come up – because the timing was “divine” – not to sound corny – but I limit the time I spend reading blogs – juts have to because – well you know – and so i have three ways of going about reading blogs – – one – I usually visit whoever leaves a comment on my blog- two – I go out of my way to check in on certain blogs – and then three – I log in and scroll the reader at random times. And whoever happens to post – that is who I read!
        And Galen911 has come up three out of the last. 5 times – so that is cool!
        And that is a good amount of miles – is it an import ?
        And wow – paint is gone?
        That must be some serious sun!
        Oh and while we are chatting it up – this cool (I mean dry) photo also reminds me of some art my son had – he had a black and white circle theme for a while and well – nice when photos do this.
        And looking forward to hearing more about the van-‘
        Actually – I am looking forward to perusing some previous posts here too. -so a little later this summer I will be back to look around – 😉


      • Okie… will chat with you maybe later in the summer…


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