“CFFC: Don’t Worry… Be Happy”

By: Galen911

Aug 04 2016

Category: CFFC: Cee's Fun Foto Challenge, Faces In The Crowd


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/125 sec
Camera:NIKON D200

Two Olives And A Plate

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:



12 comments on ““CFFC: Don’t Worry… Be Happy””

  1. Love it!! made me smile!!


  2. This is brilliant, so clever and kreative.


  3. Your photo is clever and so fun. 😀


  4. Very nice and clever. 😊


  5. Cool, nifty… cute… CLASSY!


    • Thank you Vossie. This one was done from scratch I guess you could say. I had to go find a yellow plate (Goodwill: 1.50)… set up the background (black illustration board… plate was sitting on 6 bricks to bring it out from the background)… put one of my light boxes together (don’t have room to keep them set up)… then had to deal with an annoying highlight on the left side of the plate from our living room skylight… had to wait for my wife to get home to hold a large reflector to block out the unwanted light. Oh… had to buy a can of large ripe olives too! Then came working with the light to get it just right etc etc… it was a challenge… but a blast!



  6. Very creative and made me smile:)


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