“Feeding Curiosity In Fragile Places”


Packing Case Containing

Giant Split Amethyst

Tucson Gem And Mineral Show

Tucson, Arizona

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Published Friday, September 16, 2016


    1. I’m sending you an email with a shot of this amethyst from the front. I liked these photos from the side because you could see the people’s response that there was something interesting in the crate… but from that angle you couldn’t see what it was.


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      1. Then you would love the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. The 2017 show is scheduled for February 9-12. It is billed as “The largest, oldest and most prestigious gem and mineral show in the world”, and includes vendors and exhibitors from all over the world setting up shop in locations all over the city. It’s virtually impossible to see it all in 4 days… but it is fun to try!

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