Untitled Op. 16279

By: Galen911

Oct 05 2016

Category: I Wonder As I Wander


Focal Length:112mm
Shutter:1/1250 sec
Camera:NIKON D70

Vandalized Wall With Security Lights

Ott YMCA Building

Tucson, Arizona


4 comments on “Untitled Op. 16279”

  1. Why am I thinking of Rosetta and Philae ? 😉


    • Now that’s interesting thinking. At least Rosetta and Philae left a much more important and lasting legacy. The wall in the photograph doesn’t even exist anymore… it all was torn down for bigger and better things. The old structure is pretty well forgotten.

      I appreciate your comment…


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  2. What does matter is what the photo evoque, the feeling, the thought, the memory, the evasion. In short, the movement of the soul.
    I appreciate your photos !


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