“Sparkle… Shimmer… and Shine: A Reflective View”

By: Galen911

Oct 21 2016

Category: I Wonder As I Wander, Portrait of the Old Pueblo, WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/320 sec
Camera:NIKON D200

Front Grille

1941 Chevrolet AL Truck

Tucson Classics Car Show

Tucson, Arizona

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:


Published Friday, October 21, 2016


16 comments on ““Sparkle… Shimmer… and Shine: A Reflective View””

  1. […] Galen911“Sparkle… Shimmer… and Shine: A Reflective View” […]


  2. This is a super creative shot’ – enjoyed the dimensions G.


    • Thank you for your generous words. Actually this shot was more of necessity rather than creativity. There were so many people around it was almost impossible to get any kind of a photo other than close ups. This truck had such a shiny grille it had “photo-op” written all over it. I’m glad you enjoyed the image.


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      • oh – so itG was a crowded car show. and I like all the interest in the reflection…. and the lines ‘have a nice week G


      • Classic car shows are a really big deal around here. Every week there are several smaller shows around town usually at shopping center or restaurant parking lots. The show where I shot this image is the largest one of the year. Lotsa “goodies” on display…


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  3. Amazing shot and absolutely perfect for the challenge.


  4. What an amazing picture, so cool that you can se people in the “stripes”.


  5. […] Galen911 “Sparkle… Shimmer… and Shine: A Reflective View” […]


  6. I love the head-on approach, Galen, and it works beautifully here. I’m loving the number of vintage car shots that made it into the challenge this week. When we lived in Cleveland, we periodically visited the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum and got to wallow in vintage vehicles as well as a variety of other historical things.



    • This area is especially suited to classic and antique vehicles simply because automobiles last so much longer. The dry air and mild winters keeps rust and corrosion to an absolute minimum. The sun does bake and discolor the finish… but the underlying steel is intact so a good refinishing job gives you a nice looking collector’s item. Thanks for your comment Janet…


  7. My oh my, what a shine.


  8. Very cool photo! And….you have got all that reflective chrome and yet I do not see you in it. (physically I mean not metaphorically) How did you manage that?


    • I managed to get right in the middle… my reflection covered by the Chevrolet emblem or the center point of the chrome pieces coming together. I don’t know if that’s accurate… but you gotta admit… it sounds impressive! [grin]


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