“Finding It From Another Point Of View”

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23 comments on ““Finding It From Another Point Of View””

  1. Very interesting photo. Like it!


  2. What the heck is that? a gate? I love how you change the colours on your page to match the photo’s! T.


    • Good… I had you stumped for a bit. It is actually a sideways view of a portion of a large wooden sign that reads “TIMBERS” from an apartment complex. Obviously… the image is the sideways “T” and “I”. So… the picture is the word “IT” sideways and backwards… hence the title… “Finding “IT” From Another Point Of View”. Kinda cheesy… but I thought it might work.

      The color changes on the page are part of the blog theme software. It scans the colors of the image and then chooses a color for the background… I don’t know what it is going to be until I am done. It also chooses a color for the text (title and data along the left side). Usually the text I put in below the title is black… but if the background chosen by the software is too dark and the black text doesn’t stand out… I will change my text color to match the title… but only if I think it necessary. It seems to work well…


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  3. OK, A light bulb just went on! lol…


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