“Clear And Present Danger”

Fire Damaged Giant Pondarosa Pine Tree

Tagged “Killer Tree” by the U S Forest Service
in danger of imminiet collapse.
It was slated for top priority removal.

Lincoln National Forest
Angus, New Mexico

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


    1. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the bright orange tape. But that didn’t stop me from being stupid enough to get up close to take a shot!!! No one was around to stop me. The tree was about 80 feet high and only about 1/5 of it’s trunk had not been burned away at the base. It looked like you could push it over with your hand.


  1. WoW! I wonder what happens to the wood? Would the Forestry Services leave the felled tree to return to nature where it lays or sell off that valuable timber?


    1. I really don’t know. Some of the cut trees were hauled away and a lot of them were just left where they were. I’ll have to ask my daughter who lives in the area.



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