“Show Me The Way To Go Home”

By: Galen911

May 19 2017

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D200

The Heritage Of A Family Name:
Watterson Expressway
Louisville, Kentucky

Named In Honor Of
Henry Watterson
Editor Of The Louisville Courier
During Reconstruction
Following The U S Civil War

Remembered As:
“The Reconstructed Rebel”

I always get a charge out of driving through
Louisville, Kentucky and see our family name
on a huge highway sign. With an uncommon last
name like Watterson you don’t see it or even
hear of it very often. Although connected only
by common ancestry… we share a common heritage
with all who wear our family name.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:

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  3. Great connection! Believe it or not… now we’re tenuously connected as well! My mother lived in the Jeffersonville/ Louiseville area for a number of years! Surely she would have travelled that route on many occasions. (My half brother and his family, together with my step dad still live there!) I’ll have to inquire!


    • Extremely fascinating! My grandfather on my dad’s side was born and raised in Jeffersonville… but I’ve never tried to research who of his relatives may still be in the area. His parents moved to northwestern Iowa and all the siblings pretty well remained in that area. One of the things I find interesting is that my grandfather’s name was John Henry Watterson… and the full name of the famous Watterson of Louisville was… John Henry Watterson. I have two books… one is “Henry Watterson: Reconstructed Rebel”… and the other is “The Editorials of Henry Watterson”. The first one I haven’t read since I was in high school… and the second one is kinda hard to wade through. The style of editorial writing in the 1860’s is considerably different than it is now. But I think if I would revisit both of these books I would find out a lot more.


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  4. I had to check my DNA matches because sorting who might have a unique last name like Watterson should be easy. Turns out there is a distant cousin who place that last name in their tree, but from the 1700’s 🙂
    I like when I come across an ancestor with a unique last name as they are usually easier to trace, except I usually find there have been many changes to the name in America (i.e.- Picklesimer, Beckelhymer, Behymer).


    • This is fascinating… although I must admit I have not done much research at all in the ancestry area. My understanding is that there were some Waterstons who became Wattersons and vice versa when their immigration paperwork was completed. There was also some confusion as to whether it was two “t”s or one… Watterson vs. Waterson. But anyway… there aren’t too many of us around… and it’s neat when I accidentally find one.


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