“It’s Twilight Time”

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    • Thanks Teresa. I never cease to wonder at the beauty of a sunrise or sunset.


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      • Your recent links aren’t working Galen! https://galen911.net/2018/08/11/majestic-moments/
        This is what get: This site can’t be reached
        galen911.net’s server IP address could not be found.
        Search Google for galen 911 net 2018 majestic moments


      • This is probably the first time you have received a reply to a comment 2 1\2 years after you commented. I do not know why my domain registrar put my account in “client hold” status… and I still don’t. I tried to fix it when you first notified me… but I gave up and took a “forget it” attitude. I got involved in other things. That was in August 2014. After playing with Instagram and Flickr and Deviant Art and 500 Pixels for all that time… I decided a few weeks ago to try again to activate my galen911 blog. I almost gave up again but this time I stuck with it and endured. And it happened. I got it resolved. But no one could tell me why my domain name was suspended in the first place. So… 2 1\2 years after the fact… thank you for bringing this to my attention. I hope that you are well and I further hope I will see you on line perhaps here and there. –Galen Watterson… Tucson


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