Cycles At Rest

Bicycle Rack

Tucson, Arizona

Not In Service

Fire Hydrant

Ruidoso, New Mexico

Trial By Fire (Op 1)

Charred interior of a Freightliner cab…

PhotoFriday for September 14, 2012:  “Interiors”
Originally published May 31, 2012

Arizona Summer Sun Halo

Also known as a Nimbus… an Icebow… or a Gloriole…  the solar halo is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored arcs and spots around the summer sun.  Photographed over Tucson, Arizona.

WordPress photo challenge for the week beginning 27 May 2012:  “Summer”

There’s One In Every Crowd!

Untitled… and no comment…

(But you do wonder about his parents huh?)

WordPress photo challenge for the week beginning 20 May 2012:  “Hands”

Rose Plaid in Bloom

Tiny Rose Plaid cactus flower (container size: 2″)

(gymnocalycium frederickii)

A Trip To The Zoo


A moment caught at Reid Park Zoo… Tucson

Photo Friday 18 May 2012:  Walk

Graduation Day


Congratulations Denise!  Today is your day!!!